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We are a Chinese manufacturer focusing on cell phone accessories. We have the knowledge and network to ensure that your purchasing orders of cell phone accessories start on time and within your budget. We are offering a wide variety of cell phone accessories solutions, Our objective is to reduce costs and cycle times.

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Explore our storefront and shop them with absolute confidence. At Dexin Weiye Tech Co. Ltd., we offer an extensive array of digital life accessories, ranging from cases, bags, and screen protectors to chargers, cables, and organizers. Our commitment to unmatched service and highly competitive prices ensures the finest experience for our esteemed customers. We warmly welcome your feedback and inquiries, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have.

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Choose A Solution For Manufacturing Your Own Cell Phone Accessories

We are the ones that will guide you to the future.

Get the best deals on OEM Cell Phone Accessories

The OEM option allows you to create an exclusive brand of cell phone accessories, made from scratch..

Get the best deals on ODM Cell Phone Accessories

The ODM allows you to select existing cell phone accessories that have a blank area for custom printing of your logo/art.

Get the best deals on Cell Phone Accessories with Custom Logo

The custom logo allows you to choose from a variety of cell phone accessories and put your logo to do partial customize and engrave.


Industry manufacturing experience of over 10 Years

With over a decade of experience as a cell phone accessories manufacturer, we’ve witnessed and accomplished a lot. Discover the reasons why numerous businesses and countless individuals have placed their trust in us to transform their envisioned cell phone accessories into tangible reality.

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Cell Phone Accessories Manufacturing Experience of Over 10 Years
From design & prototyping to the manufacturing of Cell Phone Accessories

From design & prototyping to manufacturing

Everything you need to launch your private label or custom cell phone accessories. From the design of cell phone accessories to prototyping and manufacturing, packaging if needed, We can provide everything you need.

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What services are you interested in?

Whether you are looking to launch your own cell phone accessories project or simply looking for a prototype, our team is ready to help.

I want to custom-manufacture cell phone accessories from scratch

Begin manufacturing

I would like to put my logo on an existing cell phone accessories

Customize cell phone accessories

Attention to detail & quality manufacturing

We are an affordable and competitive cell phone accessories manufacturer who understands how to achieve your goal and create or build your own brand without the lowest budget. Over 10 years of industry experience. We are ensuring only the highest quality.

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Quality Mobile Phone Accessories Factory In China
drop shipping and fulfillment of cell phone accessories

We also offer drop shipping and fulfillment

We can provide all your drop shipping and fulfillment needs. 

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Depending on the type of cell phone accessories.

Depending on the type of cell phone accessories.