We Are a Custom Manufacturer of Cell Phone Accessories

Over 10 years of cell phone accessories manufacturing in China, and still going strong

The Most Trusted Cell Phone Accessories Manufacturer in China

Founded on the core principles of quality and integrity, Shenzhen Dexin Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and distributing cell phone accessories since 2012.

We are an integrated cell phone accessories manufacturer, offering custom and private label accessories. Our specialization lies in crafting phone cases for various brands like iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, and others, along with mobile phone cables, screen protectors, and adapters. With a focus on creative development, manufacturing, and merchandising strategies for cell phone accessories, we possess the knowledge, experience, resources, and capabilities required for success in the ever-evolving watch market.

Our team consists of skilled individuals who thrive on overcoming the challenges faced by brands and retailers in the competitive and dynamic watch industry. Most importantly, we take great pride in our work and genuinely love what we do.

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Cell Phone Accessories are Our Passion

We have a genuine passion for all types of mobile phone accessories – it’s as straightforward as that. Whether it’s phone cases or screen protectors, cell phone décor, chargers & power adapters, you name it, there’s no cell phone accessory we don’t appreciate.

China holds a special place in our hearts as our home. We are dedicated to providing practical information and guidance to those aspiring to create and distribute their own private label or custom cell phone accessories line.

At Dexin Weiye Technology, our expertise and outstanding services are geared towards helping you achieve profitable sales through our best-practice manufacturing and efficient business processes. From concept to production, we develop strategies tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.

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Offer an array of services catered to your cell phone accessories business needs

We’ve got everything you require to kickstart your cell phone accessories venture – from design to drop-ship, consider it taken care of.

For more than a decade, our team has been wholeheartedly crafting cell phone accessories in our state-of-the-art 15,000-square-foot facility, located in the bustling heart of downtown Shenzhen, China. Each product is meticulously designed and engineered to align with our customer’s vision, with the majority of models being skillfully hand-assembled on-site.

Thanks to our extensive network of domestic and international factories and manufacturers, we not only meet but surpass expectations in both quality and quantity.

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Offer an array of services catered to your cell phone accessories business needs and Buy OEM Accessories at Wholesale Prices