9 Best In-Ear Monitors for Singers in 2020 (Tried & Tested)

You don’t want to lose focus while performing in front of a large audience. If you are the one who often gets disturbed by the loud surrounding music or that unwanted noise from the crowd during your on-stage performance then you need to wear the best in-ear monitors during your musical performance.

This piece will get rid of any of those unwanted detractions or noises either from the crowd or from the musical instruments.

It essentially is a transmitter that can project sound to a pair of headphones that you are wearing. This device will enable you to stay immersed in listening and singing perfectly aligned with the music.

Keeping read on to find out our best in-ear monitors for singers and bring the clarity you have always wanted!

Best In-Ear Monitors Earpieces – Our Top 3 Picks


Shure SE215-K 

Best Overall

4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

If sound isolation is your preference then there is no other in-ear monitor you need.

The SE215-K earpiece by Shure features Dynamic MicroDriver. There are specially designed sound isolating sleeves that can conveniently block up to 37dB of ambient noise. This piece is designed to enhance your listening experience for sure.


KZ ZST Hybrid

Best for Price

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

This is a good quality yet a budget-friendly option for you to consider. This is your best choice if you want to go for the best dynamic speaker performance. There is an independent sound channel for both drivers and you will not feel any distortion in the sound. With its rich and natural sound, you’d able to distinguish between treble and bass as well.


MEE audio M6 Pro

Best for Durability

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

This is a decent pair available at a decent price and it is designed for you to wear comfortably all day long.

It can comfortably keep all the noises and distractions away from your ear and you will be able to focus on the music that you want to hear.

This pair also features noise isolation.

Best In-Ear Monitors for Singers Reviews

1. Shure SE-215K Sound Isolating Earphones with Dynamic Driver

Best overall (Editor’s choice)

4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

These are the best entry-level in-ear monitors for singers. They are available in different colors which are black, blue, white and clear. These headphones are quite versatile and flexible. You can connect them with your smartphones and laptops.

These headphones are modern and innovative design headphones which also come with Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology gives you an uninterrupted sound quality. You can connect them with ease with your Android and Apple smartphones.

The headphones come with a single hi-defining driver which is responsible for giving you an accurate sound quality. They block up all the unnecessary noise in your surroundings.

The headphones come with 4 unique connectivity options which are USB-C, Lighting, Bluetooth, and Universal 3.5mm.

Key Features:

  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Secure and comfortable fit.
  • 4 connectivity options


  • The dynamic driver gives you a precise audio quality
  • The 4 connectivity options give you the convenience of using them with different devices
  • They are comfortable to wear for long sessions


  • The sound quality is not quite clear

Why We Loved It – These headphones are adaptable and multipurpose. You can conveniently connect them with your smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

2. KZ ZST In-Ear Monitor earphones with Hybrid Dirvers 

Best for price

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

These are the best in-ear headphones with dynamic speakers, ergonomic design and special armature. These headphones have everything you would want. Their cable can be easily removed. Plus they provide great performance as far as audio earphones are concerned. The best part is that has an independent sound channel for every driver.

It is durable and has been designed with wire technology. They fit easily in your ear and stay locked-in. Not like the conventional ones that fall off every time there is a bump or movement. The cable uses an L plug of 3.5mm which is suitable for iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

They also provide technology for noise cancellation so you can have the best experience of these earphones without any hindrances. It is very lightweight with a weight of just 0.64 ounces.

Key Features:

  • Driver Diameter – 10mm dynamic
  • Impedance is of 18ohm
  • Sensitivity is of 106dB
  • Frequency Response is of 20Hz-20000Hz
  • It has a length of 120cm±2cm and a 3.5mm L plug
  • The pin diameter is of 0.75mm


  • Cancels noise
  • Ergonomic design
  • Has a 3.5mm L plug for connecting to apple and android devices
  • It has a strong bass
  • They fit the ear perfectly and stay there no matter the movement


  • You need to buy a separate foam tip
  • The build quality is good but not great

Why We Loved It – They have a great sound quality and strong bass. To top it off they have great sound for stage performances.

3. MEE audio M6-PRO In-Ear Monitors with Detachable Cables and Universal Fit  

Best for durability

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

If you are looking for the best in-ear monitors for musicians then you should purchase MEE audio M6-PRO monitors. This is because of modular construction that delivers great sound and comfortable fit.

Additionally, this advanced 2nd-generation model is allowing you to personalize it with custom-engraved faceplates. The T-series memory foam has placed on the ear-tips, which minimizes outside noise. Moreover, it enables safe listening volumes as well as producing better sound quality.

If exceptional comfort and fit features are your top priorities then it is perfect for you. For the reason that is equipped with seven pairs of ear-tips and flexible memory wire that offers a personalized and secure fit. 

Key Features:

  • Offering superior sound quality.
  • Exceptional comfort and personalized fit.
  • It comes with a complete accessory kit.
  • Available in six stunning colors.
  • One-year warranty.


  • More reliable with detachable and replaceable cables
  • Modular construction makes it a sweat-resistant
  • The best sound isolation design reduces outside noise for improving music quality
  • It contains an inbuilt remote and microphone so you can use it with tablets and phones
  • This 2nd generation monitor comes with a smoother, natural treble, and more precise midrange


  • Ear-tips memory foams aren’t durable
  • Not much comfort for long term use
  • The included cable is stiff

Why We Loved It – MEE audio M6-PRO monitors are perfect in-ear stage monitors for singers. Due to its durability, comfort fit, improving sound quality, exceptional sound isolation, and a complete accessory kit.

4. BASN Bsinger BC100 Noise Cancelling Audiophile Headphones

Best for noise cancellation

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

These are some of the best in-ear monitors which are continuously used by professionals because of their excellent performance. It provides you with clear sound and deep bass. Now you can hear all kinds of sounds be it low, high or mid. A lot of musicians have given great performance through these in-ear monitors on stage. That’s why they are reliable as they are tried and tested and approved by many.

Furthermore, they are powered by dynamic speakers which have dual drivers. This earphone will meet the requirements of all your musical instruments. The cable of these earphones is designed and tested to provide you with durability. This cable so has a copper wire which has ultra-low resistance. This leads to improved speaker performance. Plus they also have MMCX connectors which make for an easy replacement of the cable.

Moreover, they have a design that isolates noise. This means no more hearing outside noise or disturbance. Noise is blocked up to 25 dB.

Key Features:

  • 18-ohm impedance
  • The sensitivity of 93 dB
  • 5 mega-watt input power
  • It has a 47-inch cable length


  • Dynamic speakers with dual drivers
  • Durable cable design
  • Ultra-low resistance copper wire
  • It has standard MMCX connectors
  • Blocks noise up to 25 dB


  • It does not have a Bluetooth cable

Why We Loved It – It is very lightweight and isolates noise like a pro. So there won’t be any outside disturbances. Plus the dynamic speakers provide you with great sound quality.

5. KZ AS10 5 Balanced Armature Earphones for Musician

Best for value

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

KZ AS10 5BA earphones keep the distractions away while you are performing on stage. During your musical performance, you can focus on your vocals without listening to the unwanted noise of the crowd.

This pair of earphones give you precise and accurate sound quality. It gives you excellent detailing of the highs and lows. You get to listen to the mids. The mids are quite accurate and exceed your expectations.

These headphones come with a 5 dynamic driver which gives you clear details of all the levels of frequencies. It is far better than the traditional driver. You don’t have to deal with any dips and spikes. The earbuds give you a balanced sound quality.

The earbuds have amazing designs. They come with a good feel and look. Comfort is extraordinary. They are suitable for long music sessions.

Key Features:

  • 5 Armature dynamic drivers
  • Impressive bass impact
  • One Year protection Warranty
  • Suitable for different music styles


  • These headphones give you a comfortable fit
  • They give you a balanced sound quality
  • The detachable 2 pin cable gives you the ease of use


  • They don’t give you good soundstage functionality

Why We Loved It – We loved the KZ A10 5BA earphones because of the balanced output they give. The 5 armature balanced dynamic driver gives you an exceptional sound quality. You can use them while performing in front of a big crowd. They are also suitable for your practice sessions in the studio.

6. KZ ZSN Hybrid Driver In-Ear Headphones with Tangle-Free Cable  

Best for dynamic diver

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

These headphones are something different as they have high resolution and enable us to hear subtle sounds. Moreover, the acoustic adjustment ensures that the sound is clear, clean and balanced.

The look of the headphones is also different as it combines different, eye-catching colors for a better and more attractive look. The dynamic driver is patented and it has an audiophile cable and detachable connection which protects the pin of earbud from distortion.

Key Features:

  • Pin type – 0.75 mm
  • Sensitivity – 104 dB
  • DC resistance is of 25 ohms
  • The frequency range is 20Hz-40000Hz
  • Cable length is 3.9 foot


  • The sound quality is balanced
  • It has a unique and different look
  • The driver has a four-layer coil of voice
  • It has an audiophile cable


  • It does not have a microphone

Why We Loved It – The audiophile cable ensures that the sound is transmitted smoothly and clearly. Plus the cable is durable so it will last a long time. Furthermore, the dynamic drivers ensure that the low frequency is powerful and strong.

7. Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones

Best for maximum noise isolation

3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

These headphones have an amazing frequency response and extended accuracy of a sound stage. Most in-ear headphones have a dual balanced armature but this one has a triple balanced armature which makes it better than all other. The memory cable loops are flexible and easy to wear for long periods with a custom fit.

The housing is specially designed which provides maximum isolation of noise. This allows you to focus on the music and nothing else. Plus the cable is durable and provides an audio performance that is optimized. The accessories include a carrying case, ear tip made of silicon, foam ear tips and an adaptor with 6.3mm length.

Key Features:

  • Maximum noise isolation
  • The impedance of 39 ohms
  • The frequency response of 20-19000 Hz
  • It has a sensitivity of 109 dB
  • A detachable cable of 1.6 m


  • Isolates maximum noise
  • It has a detachable cable
  • The sound quality is excellent
  • A triple balanced armature


  • The top end is rolled up a little

Why We Loved It – The best thing about these is the maximum noise cancellation ability and the triple balanced armature. This armature provides accurate response across the range of frequency.

8. Sennheiser IE40 PRO Dynamic In-Ear Monitoring Headphones

Best for on-stage performance

3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

If you are looking for a stylish pair of in-ear dynamic monitors, Sennheiser IE 40 is the best choice. These headphones come with an innovative design. The design is quite sleek and minimal. It is comfortable to fit your ear. These headphones allow you to focus on what you want to deliver. You can perform in front of a large crowd without getting distracted from their noise.

Sennheiser believes in providing you optimal functionality. Without paying much attention to the detailing of the design, they bring you these in-ear dynamic monitors to give you a precise quality sound.

These headphones come with a single dynamic driver. Sennheiser believes to give you an optimal level of sound quality with a single driver. This driver is powerful enough to give you different levels of frequencies precisely. Without splitting up the lows and highs, the single driver gives you a harmonious and balanced tone.

These headphones are designed to deal with different sound pressure levels. They are suitable to use for your stage performances.

Key Features:

  • 10mm dynamic driver
  • Suitable for on-stage performance
  • Comes with a cleaning tool and soft pouch


  • They are designed to give you a balanced and detailed sound output
  • The detachable cable gives you the convenience to monitor the sound without any trouble


  • The sound quality is a bit grainy

Why We Loved It – If you are unable to monitor the sound quality of your music, you are unable to perform well. You need to concentrate on the music to perform in the loudest environments. Sennheiser IE 40 Pro molded in-ear dynamic monitors is a superior and dynamic device that lets you perform without any worry on the stage. We love their amazing functionality and comfortable design.

9. Audio-Technica ATH-IM04 SonicPro Balanced Headphones

Best for premium quality

4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

These in-ear monitor headphones give you optimal control over the sound performance. You get to hear every instrument and get to control the audio system. This allows you to perform to your maximum capacity on-stage.

These headphones come with a special design. They are designed to fit your ear with convenience. You get to enjoy the ultimate comfort. You don’t feel any irritation or itch while wearing these in-ear monitors. There is no form of discomfort you have to face which distracts you from performing well on the stage.

These in-ear headphones come with a detachable cable wire. This wire makes it possible for you to conveniently wear the headphones. The cable improves the functionality and convenience of the headphones.

The quad-armature drivers give you a well-balanced sound output. The audio system is divided into different parts. You get to enjoy a greater level of audio control

Key Features:

  • Quad-armature driver
  • Silicone earpieces
  • Detachable cable.  


  • These headphones are designed to give you enhanced comfort and amazing functionality
  • The quad-driver gives you a high level of sound accuracy
  • You don’t have to deal with any distortions when the sound pressure is high


  • The bass is low
  • The headphones are too loud

Why We Loved It – We liked them because of their great blend of comfort and functionality. They are specially designed to bring ease and convenience to your life as a singer.


Benefits of Using In-Ear Monitors

There are a number of benefits of using in-ear monitors for singer especially on stages during the live show as compared to a conventional floor monitor.

– Improved Sound Quality with Accuracy 

Accuracy is the best benefit of using in-ear monitors, especially for musicians or singers. This feature delivers a clear sound quality without unwanted bleed. Furthermore, it also reduces the volume wars on stage where all turns up their audio monitors to hear themselves.   

Advanced in-ear monitors come with a further refinement, which delivers smoother, natural treble, and additional accurate midrange sound. In addition to that, they are also producing a superior quality sound with great detailing. 

Apart from that, better sound is another key feature of the in-ear monitor for singers. Plenty of in-ear monitors designed with sound isolation features. This feature helps to reduce environmental noise and provides improved quality sounds.

The combination of accuracy and sound isolation is the biggest advantage of the in-ear monitor for a singer because it enables safe listening volumes. 

– Trim down the risk of hearing loss

Another great advantage of using an in-ear monitor is hearing protection. It can be achieved by isolating the musician from loud arena volumes. Therefore, in-ear monitors potentially permit to monitor at lower volumes without losing sound accuracy. Additionally, this isolation transforms into a better pitch and minimizes vocal fatigue.    

– Add Ambience

One of the excellent things regarding in-ear monitors is that those monitors reduce most of the environmental sound sources as compared with your monitor mix. They are allowing singers to hear exactly what they want to hear, not what the next person said.         

However, an in-ear monitor eliminates nearly most of the ambient sound cue, which delivers a natural sound to you. It also promotes a connection along with the musicians and the audience. A good way to restore a few of that is through adding ambiance audio to monitor mix.    

– Manage Mixes

If you would like to enjoy mixes through the in-ear monitor, you can spend money to buy a good quality stereo. Nevertheless, different stereos are applicable with different kinds of mixes so make sure before purchasing a stereo monitoring system. Moreover, the monitor mix recreates a realistic environment of listening in stereo more accurately.

A stereo monitor mix enhances the perception of the sound in a natural way as compared to older stereos. The best thing is that you can also lower the entire level of listening according to your requirements.   

– Adaptability

Plenty of in-ear monitors for singers are available and each of them varies in terms of frequency, accuracy, and sound quality. You will feel pretty good sound quality along with high frequency even if you move your foot to the right or left.  

Additionally, the direction of the loudspeaker’s nature at high frequencies is directly responsible for this effect. Using your personal monitor, although, is just like regular headphones, they deliver a superior quality sound everywhere you go. 

What to Consider When Buying In-Ear Monitors for Singers

– Wired/Wireless

Many types of the best in-ear monitors for the money are accessible from the market but they are categorized as wired and wireless.

If you are looking for additional types, you can choose a hybrid system that can work in multiple stations. These stations include keyboardist, electric guitar, and drummers. However, you cannot take advantage of the mobility of the wireless in-ear monitor system.

Although, you are a frontline singer and lead vocalist positions can preferably take assistance from the option of wireless. This is the best way to keep you free on stage from excess cabling.        

Apart from that, choosing the wired kit over wireless is totally depends on your budget. Furthermore, it also bound the singers or musicians to stay in one place.

Therefore, wireless in-ear monitors are always the best and most convenient choice for listening to countdowns, cues, and much more. 

– Intended Use

There are plenty of reasons to use the best in-ear monitors for live performance and other purposes. You can also use personal monitoring that delivers a great listening experience to you. Here are the best uses of musician earbuds!

  • Adequate Volume without Wars

Many factors are creating a problem when we are using traditional floor monitoring such as handling the speaker’s power, power amplifiers sizes, and most significantly is potential acoustic gain. Additionally, the level of noise is another factor, which creates hearing difficulties on stage.

Several times, vocalists or frontline singers rely exclusively on stage monitors whose instruments are amplified to start with. However, in-ear monitors produce high-end quality sound even on the stage and give an ideal listening experience.        

  • Minimize Vocal Strain 

The ability to listen more clearly minimizes vocal stress for singers. Therefore, an in-ear monitor system reduces the vocal strain by producing an adequate and improved sound quality.   

  • Portability

Portability is the most important consideration for signers, especially for those who have to perform out of city or country. If we talk about the average monitor system, it includes three or four monitor wedges that weighing about 30-kg each. Moreover, power amplifier-weighing 25-kg.   

  • Hearing Protection

Keep in mind that a very high level of sound pressure can quickly damage hearing ability. Some musicians have taken earplugs to protect their hearing. However, multiple the best earplugs also cause some variation of frequency response. The best in-ear monitors offer to customize the hearing levels to protect hearing. Therefore, now you can protect your hearing through managing the level that causes permanent damage.   

– Driver types

In-ear monitors are miracles of micro-engineering. Some high-end in-ear monitors come with multiple miniaturized components as compared to expensive speakers. The following are the basic type of drivers used in in-ear monitors.

  • Dynamic Driver

These are small versions of the tweeters and woofers used inexpensive speakers. It is equipped with a tiny diaphragm generally measured 8-mm to 11-mm in diameter and linked to a coil of wire around a magnet. Additionally, when electrical signals move through the coil of wires, a field of magnetic is created. For that reason, the diaphragm starts moving back and forth. It also delivers ore bass, but keeps in mind, more is not always superior

  • Planar Magnetic Driver

Many high-end in-ear monitors are using planar magnetic drivers. These drivers are using an ultra-thin Mylar diaphragm along with wire coil. These are suspended between magnetized plates and perforated. It sends an electrical signal to the coil that moves the diaphragm, back and forth. This is the most popular type of driver because it produces beautiful audio with detailed treble and spacious sound.    

  • Electrostatic Driver

Electrostatic in-ear monitors are similar to planar magnetic drivers. The main difference is only in the diaphragm.  An electrostatic driver comes with a layer made of conductive material that is carrying 200 volts (bias voltage). The two plates of magnetic surroundings but they are not touching it transmitting the audio signal.  Additionally, it is also known as a detailed and spacious sound.      

  • Hybrids and Balanced Armatures

The balanced armature uses a U-shaped armature that suspended between a magnet pair and a coil of wire. It created a magnetic field after passing an electrical signal through the coil of wire and the armature starts vibrations. This vibration helps to move a diaphragm to produce sound.    

– Specifications

The best in-ear monitors for singers are categories under the usage of these pieces like personals or professional. If you are an entry-level singer then up to 37 dB sensitivity and up to 10-ohm impedance should be the best option.

Apart from that, if you are a professional-level musician then you should prefer more than 25 ohms impedance and sensitivity should be more than 100 dB. This professional in-ear monitor delivers the best frequency response of about 22 Hz to 17.5 kHz

– Your Budget/ Price Range

There are multiple brands available that are manufacturing the best In-ear monitors for a musician. Each of them varies in terms of price and features. Most expensive stage headphones definitely deliver the best sound quality with accuracy. Apart from this, low budget products offer a lower level of sound quality.

– Design and Form Factor

In-ear monitoring is the best practical option for engineers and musicians at all levels. They are available in plenty of designs, which enhanced freedom of movement as well as increased performance. Few of them come in over-ear, straight, and in-ear designed.

The best thing is that you can also customize an in-ear monitoring design but for that, you have to pay a little bit more. You can add and subtract magnet plates to enhance and decrease the level of frequency, accuracy, and sound quality.      

– Noise Isolation

Noise reduction or noise attenuation is measured in decibels (dB) that indicates how much an in-ear monitor blocks outside sound. Keep in mind that a higher number of dB blockers more environmentally sound.  

– Sound Quality

Sound quality is another important consideration before buying the best in-ear monitoring for a singer. Remember that sound quality directly depends on the connection that which type of connection you choose it is wired or wireless. We recommend you spend money on wireless because that delivers higher, better and more accurate sound quality.     

– Durability

The construction materials play a very role in its durability and reliability. Some of them are lightweight and others aren’t portable. Plenty of brands are available on the market that is also offering the best affordable in-ear monitors.

Therefore, you can opt according to your requirements. Few of them are using advanced technologies while constructing it so those can be an expensive option for you. However, those advanced in-ear monitor systems will also deliver superior sound quality with accuracy and good isolation.     

Universal Fit or Custom-Molded IEM

The generic fit also known as universal fit IEM. It is a replaceable soft rubber or foam tips, which adapt the shape of human ears after inserting it in your ear.

Wait! I want to give you a tip, don’t forget to compress the foam whenever you choose a universal fit.

Therefore, you will get the nozzle of earphones properly in the ear canal. After this procedure, the tip will expand in the ear for sealing out ambient sound.  

Additionally, in the custom-molded IEM method, its nozzle and speaker driver will enclose in a case, which gives shaped just like your ear.

If you choose this method then you have to visit an audiologist, who will take an impression of your ear. After that, he will contact the best manufacturer of the earphone to prepare the required case that contains the necessary elements of the earphone.  

So which method attracts you more?

Well, if you are still confused, don’t worry I am going to tell you some additional information related to both methodologies. I hope the following information assists you!

Generally, the universal fit in-ear monitoring is less expensive as compared to custom-molded of similar quality. This is because you can share universals fit monitoring and ideal for churches where many people, singers, musicians sharing their gears. However, be sure to clean always rubber or foam tips before sharing.  

On the other hand, custom-molded IEMs can offer superior comfort, improved sound quality, and better sound isolation. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that universal fit IEM cannot deliver great sound, they are.  

Frequently Ask Questions

1) Why do singers use in-ear monitors?

Numerous singers are using in-ear monitors for hearing exactly what they want.

For instance, if you are a singer and performing with a live band, you will feel definitely a lot of noise around you, especially from the drummer.

In addition, it will be very difficult to hear your own voice that forces you to sing more loudly and sometimes shout.

Therefore, IEMs come with a great sound isolation feature that blocks the unwanted or outside sound and gives you clear sound.   

2) Are in-ear monitors bad for a hearing?

Many headphones and earplugs come with a high level of sound pressure that damaging your hearing.

However, in-ear monitoring is an advanced form of earplugs that have been constructed with updated technologies and uses different foams or rubber.

Therefore, it enables safe listening volumes without losing accuracy of sound. Also, it delivers an improved pitch along with with trim downs vocal fatigue.

So, they don’t harmful to hearing plus give you an excellent hearing experience.

3) How does wireless in-ear monitors work?

Both wired and wireless types of in-ear monitoring are accessible on the market but the wireless type is most common.

The best advantage to have wireless IEMs is its mobility during a performance. Always remember that wireless in-ear monitor works oppositely as compared to wired.

You can use your mixer stereo to send the same feed, which you would like to transmit to stage monitors.

After that, plug IEM into the transmitter of wireless monitor that sends the feed to the wireless receiver pack of a belt, which IEM is plugged into. 

4) Ear Monitors Vs Headphones

If we talk about in-ear monitoring then we can say that they do certain things better and few worse as well.

As we talk about conventional headphones, they are much better due to soundstage.

Headphones offering the best sound staging and bass features meanwhile in-ear monitoring provides an enhanced detailing and accurate sound experience.

Moreover, IEMs also have some limitations but headphones do not have any kind of usage boundary.

Precautions for Using In-Ear Monitors

The following are some helpful tips and precautions for using in-ear monitors that maximize your IEMs investment.

  • Try to don’t use EIMs with just one earpiece in and other out. This can persuade you to volume up that causes hearing loss.     
  • If the in-ear monitor fits tightly that pretty good. This is because; it delivers a better bass response. 
  • Keep ensuring to clean a rubber or foam tips before sharing your universal fit IEMs.
  • Always try to store them in a protective case after use; it will increase its durability.
  •  If you are a professional musician or a singer then you have to take an additional backup cable for emergency use. 


The winner of this roundup of best in-ear monitor for singers is the SE215-K by Shure.

This is a high-quality pair that will isolate noise for you and will enable you to focus on your tune. It comes with sound isolation sleeves that can limit 37 dB of noise that can interfere with your listening experience.

This pair also has a very lightweight construction that allows you to wear them all day with comfort.

So which one of these have you used previously?

Have we missed your favorite pair?

Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below and we will get back to you!

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